Aspect and XML-oriented Semantic Framework Generator : Smarttools


SmartTools is a semantic framework generator, based on XML and object technologies. Thanks to a process of automatic generation from specifications, SmartTools makes it possible to quickly develop environments dedicated to domain-specific and programming languages. Some of these specifications (XML, DTD, Schemas, XSLT) are issued from the W3C which is an important source of varied emerging domain-specific languages. SmartTools uses object technologies such as visitor patterns and aspect-oriented programming. It provides code generation adapted to the usage of those technologies to support the development of semantic analyses. In this way, we obtain at minimal cost the design and implementation of a modular development platform which is open, interactive, uniform, and most important prone to evolution.

2nd Workshop on Language Descriptions, Tools and Applications (LDTA'02), (Satellite Event of ETAPS'02), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier