SmartTools: A Development Environment Generator Based on XML Technologies


SmartTools is a development environment generator that definitions of the manipulated languages. It can accept Doc- provides a structure editor and semantic tools as main fea- ument Type Definitions (DTDs) as AST definitions to define tures. SmartTools is easy to use, thanks to its graphical user languages. When a DTD is imported, it automatically pro- interface. Being based on Java and XML technologies of- duces a set of Java classes that extend a DOM implementa- fers all the features of SmartTools to any defined language. tion for each operator. It offers a structure editing environ- The main goal of this tool is to provide help and support ment for the language defined by this DTD for free. During for designing software development environments for pro- editing, the system guarantees that XML documents remain gramming languages as well as domain-specific languages valid and well-formed. When additional information is pro- defined with XML technologies.

XML Technologies and Software Engineering (XSE'01), ICSE'01, Workshop Proceedings