DAM-BIO: Bioinformatics Internet Workbench for Protein Analysis. New Modules and Applications to Biological Problems


Computational analysis of protein sequences and structures is critical for the exploitation of the massive information contained in sequenced genomes. Direct access to bioinformatics tools through the Internet promotes their efficient use by scientists. We present the current state of the DAM-Bio system, an integrated workspace that is freely available for use in the Web (http://athina.biol.uoa.gr/DAM-Bio ). DAM-Bio incorporates and integrates a number of computational tools (analysis of periodical features, structural classification, prediction of secondary structure, position and topology of transmembrane regions, multiple sequence alignment, creation and representation of protein structures and three-dimensional structure fit). Recently added components offer homology modelling facilities through an easy to use graphical interface. Examples of the functionality of the system are offered and assistance is given to the user to address specific biological problems.

23rd Conference of the Hellenic Society for Biological Sciences