Improving Pattern Discovery Relevancy by Deriving Constraints from Expert Models


To support knowledge discovery from data, many pattern mining techniques have been proposed. One of the bottlenecks for their dissemination is the number of computed patterns that appear to be either trivial or uninteresting with respect to available knowl- edge. Integration of domain knowledge in constraint-based data min- ing is limited. Relevant patterns still miss because methods partly fail in assessing their subjective interestingness. However, in prac- tice, we often have in the literature mathematical models defined by experts based on their domain knowledge. We propose here to ex- ploit such models to derive constraints that can be used during the data mining phase to improve both pattern relevancy and computa- tional efficiency. Even though the approach is generic, it is illustrated on pattern set discovery from real data for studying soil erosion.

21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI'14), Proceedings Published by IOS Press in Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications Serie Volume 263